⛳Money-making opportunities in the era of mobile Internet


The market value of the mobile Internet is large. The industry predicts that the scale of China’s mobile Internet market will expand to 185.7 billion yuan in 2013 based on 105.98 billion yuan in 2013. By 2017, the market size will be close to 600 billion yuan. From the figures, the industry is very profitable, and many people who have earned the pots are full of wealth. There are also many people who want to come in, but I don’t know where to start. They have left the mobile Internet problem in many places. Some people have mistakenly entered the trap of the liar. Everyone wants to fish in the mobile Internet industry. Kim, here, I will take a look at the ways of making money that I have seen, give you directions, and wish my friends who have not made a fortune to make a fortune. Make a fortune, remember to point me. 🙂

1. Stirring concept to make money

At first glance, the concept of speculation can make money? It is estimated that a lot of people don’t understand a bit. I will tell you the details. In fact, every time there is a concept fire, there are always a group of people who make money by speculation. For example, when WeChat fired before, there were individuals who used WeChat marketing masters to live everywhere. Talking about WeChat marketing, listening to tuition fees, nearly 10,000 classes, many people in the traditional industry do not understand, but want to learn, so they pay high prices to listen to these people, so these people have made a lot of money, in addition, specific The form, as well as writing books, training, self-proclaimed masters, content is nothing more than how to open micro-signals, how to promote, and what WeChat is, WeChat has implications for the development of the enterprise, WeChat changes to the future, the title is generally It looks very evil. I have read the books of the WeChat marketing. I have read the book of WeChat marketing written by one person. I read half of the meaning of WeChat and how to open the micro-signal. Marketing, if you let these people to do a WeChat large size, he generally can’t do it, but these people will be fooled, they will speculate. In the same way, the concept of mobile Internet has also been speculated by many people. Those who have been spoofing the WeChat marketing concept have begun to switch to the mobile Internet. For example, some people have also published books, mobile Internet marketing, and so on, as well as training courses, online courses, a class 299, only met today. Therefore, everyone, you must understand that the concept of speculation can also make money.

2. Capital operation makes money

This estimate is that many people know that what industry fires, and what industry to carry out capital operation, the specific way is relatively simple, that is, buy and sell projects, investment projects, such as low-cost investment in a project, a certain share, and then pull an A round, B round Then, after the basic retreat, it is the acquisition of relatively hot, such as mobile games, speculation to raise the stock price, and then make a fortune, these examples are many, some traditional enterprises in the past, like the market, a large number of mobile games, High stock prices are estimated to have earned. There is also a lot of money for the project, and now there are a lot of hot money on the mobile Internet. Some people have done a project, do some fake data, and then sell it to investors at a high price, making a big profit. For example, someone who used to expose a wonderful case in a circle of friends is to make a game. In the first month, the vest will be charged 4 million, the second month will be charged 8 million, and the third will be charged 10 million, so that the monthly water flow will exceed 10 million. Then one hundred million is sold to a coal boss, and then earned a lot. The reason why the project is called a speculation is that many people are not investing projects for the purpose of doing it well, just to make money, buy and buy, just like investing in stocks. These people do projects only to buy and sell items, just to make money.

3. Operate App to make money

In this era, people who can sink their minds to do things, there are still some people who really work hard on products, really make products, run App, find accurate market positioning, and make products with peace of mind, and develop some parts, such as ink. The weather, tiger maps, palm reading and other apps have all been developed after three or four years of continuous development. At the same time, the accumulated users have basically passed 50 million. It is a very hard thing to operate an app. The appearance of these apps Subverting the traditional industry, creating an emerging market, improving the quality of human life, subverting the old traditional market, this is the real mobile Internet, its existence is a technological advancement. By constantly exploring the market and looking for opportunities to realize, on the one hand, they have won the favor of the capital market. On the one hand, they have been recognized by users, and they have earned income through other means such as advertising or value-added services. This is also a way to make money. This path of making money is a gentleman’s love for money, and it is a way to make money. It is worth learning by more people. This kind of road is easy to go to a company like Apple, but such a company is rare, and there are fewer successes, but once Success is like the ipo of Alibaba. No one asks under the window of ten years.

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