📢Your poverty is attracted by yourself.


What the poor lack most is not resources, but ambition.

Recently, I attended a gathering of friends and talked about the gap between rich and poor.

I thought everyone likes to discuss how to make money. I didn’t expect that when the topic started, it became a spit meeting.

There are many different reasons for poverty. Some people say that their ancestors have been in the third generation, there is no one who has made a fortune, and some people say that there is no chance of counter-attacks in this era.

But in this group of people, there are several people who are obscured but sullen and make a fortune. Some people have just risen to the director this year. Some people have bought a house in Beijing less than 30. Some people can earn hundreds of dollars in a year by sideline business. Millions, and they all have one thing in common: the cold door.


So, on the same dinner table, there was a strange scene: one side was desperate for the cold door, and the other side was the cold door.


This makes me feel uncomfortable. Many people may be poor to death. I don’t know why it is so difficult for me to get rid of poverty.

The world is like a cruise ship. Some people live in the first class of luxury when they are born. Some people are in the economy class. Some people only have one station ticket. .


However, on the road, the position of the cabin can be changed. Some people upgrade from the station ticket, and finally laugh at life. Some people have fallen into the water and got off the boat.


So, your starting point is not something you can decide, but if you have been in poverty for a long time, there must be your own reasons.


In other words, poverty may be attracted to you.

First, your poor thinking determines your poverty

Many people have been talking about poverty thinking these years.

Whether it is poor leads to poor thinking or poor thinking makes people poor, and it has always been the focus of debate.

In the past, I felt that poverty is a reality. Because of poverty, people don’t have much choice. They can’t live in a comfortable private hospital. They can’t ask the babysitter to help them see their children. They must count on their days and spend time counting money.

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