📢People who have helped me, I remember you


Everyone in our life has received more or less help from others. I often find such a phenomenon. The relationship between the two has always been good, sometimes it is a trivial matter, or it is not doing what it wants. It will be grudges, and it is like a stranger to meet each other. Perhaps each of us will make the same problem, that is, others have good times for us ten times, one time is not good, and the first ten good ones are completely obliterated by us.

Someone has helped you, maybe you will soon forget it; others step on you, maybe you will remember your heart forever. We remember the shortcomings and mistakes of others, remember the places where others are slow to treat us, so we are worried about it. The more we look at this person, the more we are full of shortcomings. The more we look at this person, the more unreasonable it is. And others are just a mirror, we are squinting at it, and the mirror reflects back with a blink of an eyebrow, so we are not pleasing to each other. The original shortcomings are infinitely magnified in our eyes. We see that this person is simply a nail in the eye, and the thorn in the flesh must be pulled out first and then quickly.

When others are disrespectful to you, you always remember the benefits of others, even if others are bitterly good for you, you are silently remembered. Slowly, the anger in your heart vanishes, and your heart is naturally wide open. A small amount of loss of friends, a big gathering. With a broad mind and generous metrics, we can win the trust of our friends, enhance unity and close friendship.

Remembering the good of others can cultivate your modest qualities. No one is perfect, and tolerance for people is tolerant of others; being kind to others is actually treating yourself well! Those who specialize in the shortcomings of others and cannot tolerate others must feel good about themselves, fail to see the shortcomings of their own bodies, and thus lose the opportunity to improve and improve; those who remember the “drip of grace” of others can often see the good and the good. By humbly learning the advantages of others, the “benefits” of oneself will be more and more, the interpersonal attraction will become stronger and stronger, and there will be more spiritual wealth invisibly.

Between friends, remembering the good of others, you will have more friends. Between family members and relatives, remembering the good of others, this family will be happy. Remembering the good of others, having a grateful heart life is far more than 10,000 times more than remembering other people’s shortcomings, problems, and suffering with a resentful heart. So why don’t we remember the good of others?

Some people get more than “the grace of dripping water”, such as the parenting of the parents, the teacher’s education, the care of relatives and friends, the enthusiasm of colleagues, the trust of leaders, etc. These are all important to our growth and progress. factor. However, it is difficult to be able to be grateful after receiving help.

If we remember the good of others, we are more tolerant of the shortcomings of others, and for a long time, we will be full of others. We will remember that others are good, then the sky is blue, and the water is green. The mood is pleasant and the world is beautiful.

Remembering the “dripness of others” must have a tolerant heart and a lofty realm. Remember the people who have helped you in your life, and remember every good smile that life gives you, or every heart that comes from your heart. Treating others with a grateful heart, you will find that in life, because of the grateful heart, there are more laughter, happiness, sincerity, less hypocrisy, deception, and injury.

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