📢Getting along, being true, not a routine



Yesterday, shopping with A Nan, she told me about such a thing.

Annan had a high school veteran called Yangzi. At that time, the relationship between the two had been very good. Although Tiannan Haibei had already had less contact, there would be greetings and greetings on the holidays.

Not long ago, Yangzi called A Nan and talked about the interesting things they had when they went to school together. After a while, Anan remembered that there was something in his hand that was not busy, and he said that he had to go busy. Finish talking again.

The Yangzi did not say that he had hanged up. A Nan asked her: “Do you have anything? You can’t say anything about this relationship.”

Yangzi said: “Hey, my husband, my husband, lost money in business. Today, the bank’s people come to the door to pay for it. He doesn’t know where to go. The phone is not answered, the news is not returned, and the children’s kindergarten is Paying money, this is really… oh, can you borrow me 20,000 yuan for emergency, I will pay you back next month.”

Anan said: “Ah? So serious, I haven’t paid any wages yet. I am not rich at all. Can you see 10,000?”

The other party said yes, and repeatedly expressed thanks, A Nan transferred the money to the Yangtze.

Saying that “the next month is still”, the Yangtze has not taken the initiative to contact Anan. A Nan rented a house close to the company. The rent is also expensive. He called to ask if the Yangzi had turned around and could not put money. Give it to yourself.

At the beginning, the other party was also perfunctory, saying that the next day, next week, and two days, then simply did not answer the news and did not return, played a missing.

Anan said: “I can regret now lending her money to her. I really thought that she just wanted me to talk about the old. It seems that the old classmates who have said that they have not been in contact for a long time call and can’t pick up. Be cautious, it really makes sense.”

It is said that people and people depend on the truth rather than the routine, but there are always people who consume their own personalities and connections, thinking that they can set the way to others, but they do not know that they hurt the deepest feelings.

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