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Passionate like firewood.

Burn yourself like firewood, and burn as much as possible. Let people feel your energy and your enthusiasm when you come into contact with you. Therefore, the enthusiasm of being a person is very important. A person who has no enthusiasm will not be able to influence others, nor will he be able to make a decent thing.

Practical like rice.

Like rice, Mi tells you that TA can fill your stomach and provide nutrition to everyone. Therefore, you must be useful to others, and there is no real useful value. No one can cooperate with you for a long time. The value that a person can have to be exploited is the foundation of your survival. For this reason, we must maintain our unique practical value for life. The more irreplaceable this value, the more people and opportunities you can win.

Lubricate like oil.

Oil can lubricate everything, so be a little less friction and a little more lubrication. You can make people like you when you do things. But oil is definitely not to make us sleek, but to have a principle of lubrication, sleek people are not flattering.

It tastes like salt.

If there is no salt in this world, all foods are tasteless, and people will become weak when they have no salt for a long time. Therefore, it is a bit savory to be a human being. Only when a person has a little humor can he handle various relationships well. Like, everyone likes to interact with people who are a bit sultry, and those who are very rigid are unpopular.

Add color like a sauce.

The main function of the sauce is to add color to other things, so the person will add color to others. No matter how good or bad the people are before and after, don’t say bad things about others, you will have very good karma, good people can have good Wealth, good fortune.

As much as vinegar.

Vinegar has a lot of benefits for people. Therefore, a person must learn more knowledge in his or her own life. In a professional situation, I must let myself master a lot of marginal knowledge. Many times your cooperation with others is because of your versatility.

It tastes like tea.

Tea is used for goods, so be sure to have character. The school motto of Tsinghua University is a virtue. It is better than words. One person evaluates that you are not looking at what you said, but what you have done, so people with good conduct will live better in this world. People need positive energy.

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