📢Hot summer air conditioning blowing “face licking, grinning” is not credible


[Abstract]: The weather is hot and air-conditioned. This is the habit of most people. However, many people have reported that air-conditioning has been blowing for a long time, and there will be symptoms such as facial paralysis and sputum blowing. In fact, these are unconfirmed rumors; The mouth is not blown out by the air conditioner. Today, Xiaobian will carry out science popularization for everyone to avoid suffering from “air conditioning phobia”.
Air conditioning blows for a long time, facial paralysis, blowing mouth and other symptoms


The air conditioner will not blow out the face or blow the mouth.

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Detailed rumors:
First of all, Xiaobian for everyone, what is the face of the science:

Facial necrosis, commonly known as facial nerve paralysis (facial nerve paralysis), is a disease characterized by motor dysfunction of facial expression muscles. It is a common disease, frequently-occurring disease, and is not limited by age. The general symptom is that the mouth is skewed, and the patient often cannot complete the movements such as raising the eyebrow, closing the eye, and blowing the mouth.

Causes of facial paralysis:

Because the passage of the facial nerve in the maxillofacial bone is very narrow, there is almost no extra buffer space. Once the facial nerve is swollen for some reason, it will be squeezed by the bones, the communication of the nerves will be blocked, and the muscles and glands functioning by the facial nerves will be impeded, leading to facial paralysis. In most cases, only one side of the facial nerve is oppressed, so the facial paralysis only appears on one side, but there are also a few people who face the right face and face at the same time.

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