📢Your appearance is what you look like in life.


Colleagues said that the editor of the company’s next-door group, wearing clothes, and makeup will speak.

What everyone is most looking forward to every morning is to see her, and then guess what she is going to do today, as the opening day of the day.

Why do you say that?

Because you only need to look at her appearance, you can judge what she is going to do today.

If you look at her paintings that are fine but not revealing, and dressing neatly reveals a hint of unrelenting gas, it must be the day when customers come.

If she is dressed and dressed for the day, she is mainly based on the earth color, but with a slightly lipstick in the gas field, it looks gentle and firm, and there is an interview on the same day.

Of course, she can control a variety of styles, such as the gentle appearance of dating a boyfriend at night, the simple and energetic look when the mood is hearty, sometimes cute and sometimes sweet and sometimes there is a gas field, in short, you can based on her appearance, probably guess Out of her state today.

I think this is her sense of ritual about life, every day’s arrangement, state and mood, she will feel it with heart, and meet in the most beautiful posture, really beautiful.

The editor-in-chief is very popular and convinced in the company because she always has a magnetic field that is unconscious and affectionate. After all, a person who is dressed up every day is also comfortable and bright. Such positive and confident can infect everyone around you.

Appearance is actually a way for people to face themselves and the world. You like yourself, so you think that you deserve to be dressed up, you like the world, so you want to use a beautiful look to meet every little one.

Therefore, a woman who pays attention to appearance to detail must be both self-respecting and respectful of others. The ability to handle the work must also be good, because to maintain a good-looking look, the self-discipline and diligence behind it is that many people cannot adhere to it. And this spirit will extend to one’s life and work.

Chanel once said: “The real purpose of clothing is not to modify the instrument, but to show your essence.”

Your appearance is a silent language. It is also a pocket drama that Zhang Ailing takes with me. You can say nothing without you doing anything. Others can read your life from your skin, makeup, and clothes. Quality and attitude.

Appearance is actually an expression of a person’s comprehensive ability.

Therefore, to become a positive and beautiful person, let your appearance and mind, together on the road to change.

Also share my own story.
I used to be the “innocent lady” in the eyes of a friend.

I often go to work, the most in the closet is the T-shirt and jeans that I wear when I am lazy. When others say that I don’t care about the appearance, I will smile with a big smile and say, “I don’t care.”

When I fell out of love, I wouldn’t ask the other party why I broke up. Someone asked, I only smiled and said, “If you divide it, you will divide it. I don’t want to know why, I don’t care.”

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