📢Why do you understand the truth and the execution is very poor?


If you want to live a good life, know that the three points are enough, the focus is on the next seven points.

So why do many people understand the truth, but they are not in place? Looking down seriously, there are two main reasons.
The temptation is not enough, the pattern is too small

In fact, knowing that I don’t know some truths doesn’t have much to do with execution. As long as the chips are attractive enough, they will do it.

For example, reading a book, many people clearly know that reading is good, and it is a very effective way to improve themselves, but why buy a lot of books but can’t stand it?

It is because reading a book does not immediately receive the effect, can not receive feedback, only knows that there are benefits, but does not know when to get the benefits, what substantive things can be obtained, so it will be lazy, relying on fishing nets.

If we change the method, now tell you that in a month, you have to read five books outside of work, as long as you finish reading, you can get 5 million cash rewards, and the cash has been piled up. Good to put there, signed a contract with you.

But can reality have such a good thing? Certainly impossible, if there is, I can see him bankrupt, no one in the adult world will be so used to you.

Then why can some people insist on reading and learning to improve themselves if they are not getting good?

It is the pattern, the so-called pattern, that is, the long-term vision is not long-term, and how far it can be seen.

People with large patterns know that I insist on improving myself for five years, ten years, and it will become easier and easier to make money later; people with small patterns can’t see that far, and can see if they can get benefits right away. I can’t learn, I will waste time. I don’t want to do anything.

Therefore, it is still necessary to read books. When you understand the truth, the more mature the thinking structure, the easier it is to improve execution. This is why there is a very strange phenomenon: the more excellent people, the more they like to learn, the harder they are to improve themselves; the more mediocre, the more people who need to learn are in ruin.

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