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A good lifestyle will affect your life. The following points are worth learning.

About diet
1. Don’t be superstitious about the pros and cons of milk and soy milk.
2, feel that you can still eat half a bowl of rice, leave the table;
3. Even if the body does not feel hungry, drink at least a few glasses of water every day;
4, drink more yogurt;
5, away from tobacco and alcohol;
6. Add cereals and vegetables to the recipe;
7. Drinking green tea is better than black tea;
8, pay more attention to breakfast than dinner;

9. Control the amount of salt;
10, brush your teeth after getting up, then drink water;
11, do not drink long-cooked hot pot soup;
12, one morning and one night, two apples can effectively improve constipation;
13. Eating fruits before meals is better than after meals;
14. Eat fish at least once a week;
15. Keep away from carbonated drinks such as cola;
16. You can have a glass of red wine before going to bed.

About sports
1. Enjoy the sunshine of 8-9 in the morning;
2, jogging and walking;
3, hot water feet can effectively prevent varicose veins;
4, when the spirit is extremely tired, it is not appropriate to exercise decompression, rest is more important;
5. Do less outdoor sports in winter;
6, below 10 floors, do not take the elevator;

7. Stand and watch TV;
8. Exercise for half an hour every day instead of 3 hours on weekends;
9, often take a walk;
10, sleeping on a semi-hard bed is more conducive to cervical health
11. Rest for half an hour after exercise and then take a bath.

About Physiology
1, do not warn the legs, so as not to oppress the nerves;
2, last year’s clothes should be exposed before exposure;
3, do not always eat leftovers;
4, do not wash the hair too diligent, 2-3 days can be;
5, must take a nap to sleep, can not exceed 40 minutes.

About lover
1. Don’t ignore the feelings of your lover because you care too much about your children;
2, the feelings of the lover, also need to operate with care;
3, conflicts occur, each step back;
4. Occasionally create a little surprise;
5. Don’t forget the birthday of your lover.

About happiness
1. Cherish everything you have now;
2, people are a kind of mood, grasp today, set tomorrow, store forever;
3. As long as you feel with your heart, happiness will always exist;
4. Contentment is happiness;
5, with family companionship, a friend cares, a healthy body, this is the happiest thing in the world.

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