📢Not afraid to start from scratch, I am afraid never started!


You have a lot of ideas, you are very smart, but you just want to talk about it and never really start doing it. In the face of a very promising project, you hesitate, think before you, do not act, after a few years, your ideas are realized by others, your dreams become empty, only regrets.

One of the people, all things are not from scratch. When people come to this world, they are a blank piece of paper. Learn to walk, learn to talk, learn to eat… Everything starts from scratch, even if it is genius. This is the same as starting a business. Everything starts from scratch. No one is born to be a boss and will make money. Only by taking the first step can we continue to take the second step, in order to accumulate, step by step, and thus have experience and a bright future.

If you look for one thing, you must try it out boldly. Don’t be afraid of the wolf before you are afraid of the wolf. Nowadays, social competition is becoming more and more fierce. The most important thing is people. What is lacking is wisdom and action. If you have an idea, you must act now, or you will be taken advantage of by others. If you act, you will have the possibility of success. If you don’t act, you will lose.

You often say three hundred and sixty lines, and you will be the best. You know everything, you have a lot of vision, no shortage of ideas, but you still have to work for others. When Ma Yun’s Alibaba was just established, you want to open an online store, wait and see and consider the plan to open the online store a year later. Now when you meet people, I said that ten years ago I registered the Want Want to open an online store. If I insisted on it, it is now a big money.

When the shops in a certain part of the city are sold cheaply, you feel profitable and can be doubled after a few years of buying. But you are worried about what to do if you don’t rise and fall. Three years later, when the shops there were tripled, you regretted it. When you saw someone, I wanted to buy one. If I bought it at that time, I don’t have to worry about buying a house.

If only if, if there is never a result. If you look at one thing, you have to go to action. Whether you are opening an online shop or buying a shop, you need to act, not think about it, talk about it. Don’t be afraid of failure. Be brave. Anything can’t be smooth in the process of doing it. It will be more or less difficult. When walking, when you fall, when you are eating, when you are squatting… If you encounter difficulties, then solve the difficulties and don’t be intimidated by the details at the beginning. Looking around and looking forward, the opportunity is taken away by others.

Failure is not terrible, no failure is successful. Don’t do something because you are afraid of failure. The worst plan for failure is to start all over again. It is nothing more than doing it again, going through the road again, and this time it’s definitely better than last time. smoothly. If you don’t do it all the time, it doesn’t start, everything is zero!

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