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[Abstract]: Recently, Ms. Chen and Mr. Chen have had a disagreement in educating their children: Can you use money to reward children?
Recently, Ms. Chen and Mr. Chen have had a disagreement in educating their children: Can you use money to reward your children?

Ms. Chen believes that the child’s performance is good, giving a little money reward can motivate him, but also can be a small target for the child to perform well. Ms. Chen’s husband is resolutely opposed to this. He thinks that it is not good to encourage children. At a young age, why do you want to use “money transactions”?

Counterparty: It’s a bad thing for a child to become a small fan.

The reporter asked 10 parents around, 7 of them resolutely opposed “encouraging children with money”, 2 said “will give children money as a reward”, 1 said that “there is no money to reward children, but maybe there will be “.

The fat mother is firmly opposed to rewarding the child with money. In her opinion, if the child gets some money rewards for homework and helping with housework, then does he think that doing this is to help the parents, the child becomes It’s a bad thing to become a small fan.

Compared with the use of money rewards, the fat mother feels that it will be more useful with a small punishment. “My family is very naughty and has a bad temper. It is not too bad. We usually ask him to go to the penalty station for reflection, and have not considered it. Use money rewards to correct his bad habits.”

The fat mother told the reporter, “Plumped parents have this kind of thing, I don’t think it’s too good, a bit naked. Money is better for toys or amusement parks.”

Xu Jing is the director of the Oasis Garden Kindergarten, and has been engaged in early childhood education for 17 years. For rewarding children with money, her answer is the same as fat mother. “No.”

Teacher Xu said, “Using money to encourage children’s study and life will make things change. For example, to set a timetable for children, it is to let children plan for their own life and let him know how to do it. Things must be planned, but if you use monetary rewards to encourage your child to complete a timetable task, the effect will be greatly reduced.”

So how do you better motivate your child? Xu’s suggestion is “it is best to encourage the spirit of the language, such as giving the child a big hug, etc.”.

Square: Let the child have a “small vault” nothing bad

Ms. Zhang is one of the few parents who support “rewarding children with money”.

This summer, Ms. Zhang set up two funds for her son, one is the reading reward fund, which is used to reward “good homework, good learning attitude, etc.”, with a maximum of 10 yuan, the fund is used to buy books and stationery; One is the household help fund, such as helping the mother to wash the dishes and sweeping the floor, and will get 5 or 1 yuan of rewards. The children can control the money and pick up the things they want to eat and the small toys.

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