📢Baby has these three bad habits, don’t get used to it.


[Abstract]: Many babies have many bad habits, such as beating, lying, falling, etc. Parents are also having a headache. So how do parents face these bad habits of the baby? Today, I will share with you the three bad habits of the baby.
The current parents are flattering “scientific parenting” and feel that it is reasonable to make a mistake when the baby makes a mistake, instead of playing it. There is a saying that is good: at present, it is better to be beaten by others than in the future! Certainly, parents have no personality, but they are not appropriate and have no rules, especially in raising their baby. When the baby has these three kinds of problems, as a parent, you must not be used to it, you have to fight!

The first problem: moving things

When the baby is angry and throws things, the parents can’t help but hit the baby a few times. After a few times, the baby is not only tired, but the defect is not changed! Originally, there is a key point in playing the baby, that is: the effect of playing once, not playing it for a few times, it is useless. Since he has been beaten, he has to let him know that the next time he wants to happen again, he will never be light, let him be afraid of consciousness, and try to correct it!

Of course, here is also to say the next father and mother, if the baby has a phenomenon of smashing things, is there any reflection, have there been any breaks between the two? This is very simple to affect the baby in the subtle, because the baby is his own mirror!

The second problem: lying without moving

The baby is born with simplicity, and many times it is unconscious. The most fearful thing is the indifference of parents. This kind of disposal is very simple and directly affects the baby’s cognitive behavior.

For example: Immediately, the baby just wants to praise the mother, and lied to her mother. The mother not only did not notice it, but also really praised him, which would make him feel that “lie” is properly praised by his mother! Over time, the baby’s character will be difficult.

If parents set rules at this time, let him understand that if they do wrong, they will be punished, and the baby will be long-term, more than more responsible!

The third problem: hitting people

Sometimes when I go to the supermarket, once I see a fun toy, I have to let my parents buy it. If the parents don’t buy it, he will hit the person directly.

Sometimes I sometimes play with other small acquaintances. When I see other people’s toys, I will grab them directly. My parents also praised “It’s amazing, awesome!” If the baby of this kind of behavior is not educated, sooner or later it will be raised by others!

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